Demo Pitch

  • The WHY (30 secs)
    • Who you are
    • Origin story for your project (inspiration for it)
    • Problem you're solving
  • The DEMO (2 mins)
    • Share a user flow(s) with the biggest delight / wow moments in your app, website, automation, product/service.
    • What no-code tools did you use?
  • The WHAT's NEXT (1 min)
    • What's next / long term mission for the project / roadmap
    • Call to action / call for help (for example this could be a call for signups, testers, beta users, general or specific feedback you’re looking for, marketing advice, collaboration opportunties etc)

Yodex is the funnest way for the next generation of entrepreneurs and creators to learn about finance.


I built this because I've been passionate about personal finance and have been investing for over a decade now. I wanted to focus on the problem that Generation Alpha (who are born after Gen Z) faces in getting educated on financial literacy in our ever-demanding, fast-paced modern society.

Two-thirds of this generation and their parents rank finances as their most talked about issue, but they are still only averaging a 64% score in financial literacy assessments.

Couple that with the fact that Gen A & Z spend 2 hours on average PER DAY on TikTok but only 9 minutes on average on Duolingo, there is a huge disparity in what this generation (which is going to be the most entrepreneurial and high impact on the world) wants to learn and where they actually spend most of their time.

Yodex aims to address that disparity - by being as educational about finance for users and as engaging and addictive as TikTok. Here's a quick 2-minute demo:


On a personal note, it's a "better late than never" situation for me to get this MVP out. I learnt a tonne about myself and what I'm capable of building over the last 3 days - massive shoutout to @Harold for being understanding and for @Kieran nocodelife's help on the technical side of things.

I'd love to get your feedback on anything I can improve on my (very minimum) MVP - How can the app be more engaging? What content should I focus on? Do you know any teens who'd be interested in giving it a whirl? Any marketing or distribution tips? Keen to hear what everyone thinks.

Looking forward to demo day to show you some improvements.