Open Source Ideas

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A low ball from YC — first time they’ve done this in years…

Simple resource directory…

  • Apply idea to other regions
  • Apply to similar/other services

Angry customers waiting to get internet…



“Geothermal energy is an abundant, clean renewable energy source derived from our planet’s internal heat, which is harnessed by extracting hot water or steam from underground reservoirs in order to generate electricity. Geothermal does not produce much electricity in the U.S. today, due to high upfront costs, lack of land availability, and general environmental concerns (whether founded or not), but there’s been a renewed focus on its potential over the past couple of years from both the government and private industry. Google and Microsoft are making bets on geothermal which could eventually help power the insatiable demand for energy from their data centers.”

Popular AI Trends

  • Text
  • Images
    • The YouTube or Instagram for AI images and video
  • Animation
  • Videos
    • Sora — OpenAI
    • RunwayLM
    • HeyGen
    • Problem with edits… Sacks on All-In and the problem you had with generating and iterating on images/videos—how to build interaction and “layers” into production… doesn’t work with current creative process
  • Assistants

Emerging AI trends

  • AI music
  • Voice cloning
  • Translation
  • Hardware

Random checklist of ideas

Credit Card Stickers (+140% on Pinterest in 2023)—AI image gen to PoD
Portfolio Analyser
office in autonomous cars
AI video/image ad generator
Pinduoduo for X—AI services,
AI Running voice instructor
Startup for startups—AI Analytics for solopreneurs, indie hackers, ecommerce, tech-enabled businesses with disparate tools (Codie Sanchez) & small startups
App powered by GPT-4V that takes photos of items (Sneakers, Comics, Cards, NFTs) and returns their estimated market value—links to eBay, Etsy, Amazon etc. and AI-generates a listing + AI gives advice/best practice tips to user on how to package and sell the item.
AI Speech app used for presentation, speeches, demo preps / for mental health
Daily News Caster app—personalised AI news character reads and summarises top stories the user cares about every day (AI Images & Video, Text-Speech)
AI-Driven Marketplace for Independent Artists and Filmmakers: Connecting artists and filmmakers with potential buyers or viewers, using AI to match preferences and promote undiscovered talent.
Tech For Company Mascots/Influencers: A service to manage and promote digital characters as influencers or company mascots.
Technology for Debt Collection Industry: AI debt collector.
AI for Product Listings—Amazon scammy product listings
AI reconciliation tool for indie hackers, micro-SaaS/Startups & ecommerce—Drag and drop Stripe statement + Bank statement into the tool to be matched
SwagUp grew from MVP to $10M in annual revenue using No-Code workflows to power internal processes
AI generated employee quizzes — companies give info and quiz generates for new starter onboarding
Weather app using GraphCast/Aurora
“I’m BASED in my career…”
AI-generated voice Enneagram personality tests and insights post interview
Purchase/Search history on Amazon/Google summarised into a social profile
TL;Draw DrawFast
Alphabet X’s current projects — work for Africa
#6 - resources channel for course — resources social feed, everyone dumps resources helpful links etc and this curated/personalised for each user like in a readwise feed or db
Wetherspoons pub tracker
Building knowledge bases for GPTs by transcribing voice dictations as input → app → output as appropriate file format for training/knowledge bases
Data mapping — e.g. is Product file data fields to fields in thredd xml, automated mapping of those fields in a drag-drop tool
Tools to combat the downsides of Generative AI that have arisen that everyone sweeps under the rug:
  • AI-generated spam
  • Electioneering & fraud
  • Harassment campaigns
A tool that gives visceral perspective—AR/VR
Symptom tracker app
Data in → Insights out
Tools for scraping info for training data — mobilising data from sources and making it useful
Ideas from Gen A
  • “A robot version of me to go to work so I could stay home and relax and have fun”
  • “AI technology that allows me to read people’s minds”
  • “A ring that you can ask AI questions, such as the answer to 8x9”
  • “Tech that can hear what I am thinking, then make it into an onscreen image or 3D print out”
  • “A bank card registered to my fingerprint”
  • “A VR headset that I could wear as a policeman, that tells me the identity of people I see around me”
  • “A phone that does everything you ever need, opening doors, locking doors, turning things on, so you’d only ever need a phone”
  • “Software that would understand what people really mean when they say something”
  • “A translator in your head that translates any language”
  • “Football boots that measure all the stats of a game and dry themselves”
“Understanding the expectations for a simpler and more convenient life is vital for businesses to stay competitive and for building thriving economies.”
media co — no byline, truth only, btc, x
teachers aren’t paid ennough (like journalists), put them in a position (on a tiktok social feed) to teach their content and pay them if they garner if attention (views, likes, reacts etc.) — social scoring = $$$ (start w/ finance teachers for the fined app)
Build a marketplace that pairs Gen Alpha with vetted, financially savvy Gen Z creators, and offer peer-to-peer tutoring on how to save, spend and grow their wealth smartly.
Design courses on the business side of being a young creator, like how to build a brand, negotiate deals, etc. Use AI to simplify complex subjects and make the experience fun and interactive.
Startup/app/tool naming tool — — like GoDaddy’s AI Domain Search but it actually gives you cool names (aggregator between different domain sites?)
Midjourney prompt optimiser — parameters and commands based on what you want to do
Automated texts/whatsapps/emails after missed calls…
AI reply tool for dating apps
AI assistant for writing product specs/BRDs/script spec docs etc.
AI assistant for reading electricity bills (UK) & energy saving education
Problem: emails change/go inactive, how to limit churn off mailing lists or groups — different protocol for signing up, does it have to tie back to email?
Build a tool (AI Assistant MVP) to simulate your experience from the No-Code x AI Bootcamp — Build Weekend concept + THE ENTIRE 1/2 WEEK LEAD UP TO BUILD WEEK — all that prep work etc…. + launching/marketing/distribution afterward
Song gen based on other songs/emotions/prompts — open source Llama models to play with
Mastercard or Visa but transparent reporting & process and easy to plug into
Web based internet rec tool (Deep)
  • Amazon, Faire — responsible for reporting data that their customers (3rd party sellers) report — becoming liable
  • VAT numbers on both sides is the same — invoices from Amazon & 3rd party seller platform
  • DAC 7 regulation
  • Fonoa
  • Internal rec tools, intercompany — recing taxes
"The most boring but impactful AI tool you could make to save millions of people hours every day? A data entry helper Input one file, any format, give it the output format, any format, click go Crazy how many people are moving and keying data between 2 places each day" (@mike_heap_ on Twitter, Tweets From Mike Heap)
AI photos… app for adults — “Transform Yourself”
Automated QMR/GOC reporting service — steal Magda templates… manual input to Visa/Mastercard, easy to automate
GPTs as your resume/avatar/echo/interactions with you
Marketing strategies/trends/channels that are working right now and what to do to exploit it, notifications when it is decaying/waning and push to the next strategy