New study from Visa & Opinium where they (online) surveyed 550 8-14 year olds in the UK found the following:

  • Gen Alpha set to be most entrepreneurial yet — expectations for their workforce and working life very different to today.
  • 76% aspire to be their own boss or have a side hustle.
  • 78% have earned money in the past year (survey carried out end of August 2023).
    • 43% of which used tech to do so.
    • 26% generated income on social media, this is the most popular tool for them.
    • Some have even made millions… from fidget spinners or NFTs.
  • 40% of Gen Alpha think AI, VR & Smart Assistants will be integral to their future careers.
  • “Children are more than three times as likely to learn about earning money by watching digital content creators than traditional sources such as books (35% v 10%).”
  • “‘TikTokers’ and ‘YouTubers’ are leading the way as sources of inspiration, as social media and content creators emerge as most influential factors in stimulating ideas (61%), vs more conventional sources of inspiration such as drawing and writing (47%), reading (34%), and playing with toys (26%).”

Meet the “appy-eaters” — study from GoHenry on Gen A’s spending habits:

  • In 2023, GoHenry kids in the UK, aged 6-18 spent a grand total of £7.85 million on their top three food delivery apps: Just Eat, UberEats, and Deliveroo.
  • “Given that children and teenagers will have the majority of their meals at home or paid for by their parents, the fact that they’re paying for food delivery from a young age gives us a fascinating insight into their spending priorities.”
  • “For this generation of Appy Eaters, food isn’t simply fuel: it’s an event to be enjoyed with friends, discussed, photographed and shared on social media – even when they’re eating alone.”
  • Kids are drawn to convenience of food apps — wider theme of “lifestlye convenience…”


Similar products/services that “validate” the problem

  • gohenry — UK-based banking app for children, acquired by Acorns in Apr-23
    • Focus on 6-18 age group
    • Two main products/services
      • Prepaid debit card (topped up by parents)
      • “Financial education” app linked to card
      • and an app that parents can use to help monitor/manage kid’s account
    • 2 million customers — footprint in UK, France, Italy, Spain.
    • Combined co. has nearly 6 million customers/subscribers.
  • Acorns itself has products that target children (Gen Z/A) — Acorns Early.
    • Lets parents, guardians, family and friends invest in a child’s future.
  • Greenlight — offers debit card to kids, $100m in ARR as of 2021.
  • Step
  • Current
  • Capital One — has a teen checking account, MONEY, that has rave reviews.
  • Revyze is a French startup building the “TikTok for education.” — Helping French students with school curriculum, moved into offering SAT prep. Ties into Problem 3, platform for education.
  • How Banking Serves Gen A — apps, gamification and social media.
  • Changebowl (no longer active) — Acrons-style investment app, rounds up spare change and donates to non-profits — revamp idea for ETFs, charity, impact investing.

Financial Literacy is a top priority for this generation

  • 67% of teens and their parents rank finances as one of their most talked about issues in Feb ‘23.
  • Despite all the online resources and finance apps at their fingertips, teens score an average of only 64% on the National Financial Literacy Test.
  • 48% of Gen A learn about finances from social media but most report they don’t trust all the info they consume.

Gen A’s learning path and education will look different to other generations.

  • This generation prefer to learn from their peers — TikTok creators/educators or YouTubers
    • TikTok is generalist, whereas Revyze from above filters out non-educational content.
    • #LearnOnTikTok has 860B+ views — opportunity to niche down further.


Niche down

There will be 2.2B of Gen A’s in 2025, split into many subgroups:

Roblox creators

  • Biggest Gen A earners made their money on social media.
  • Particularly, gaming platforms like Roblox — the top 10 Roblox creators took home an average of $23m in 2023…
  • Half of all Roblox users belong to Gen A.
  • If there is a cohort of Gen A who have come into more money than they could ever need at an incredibly young age and not know how to manage the money, it’s the Roblox creators…
    • Although, this is still an assumption.


  • The future is unbundled… Unbundle TikTok in the financial education niche.
  • Internal — day-to-day household skills (chores, spending, saving).
  • External — Investing, business finance.
  • There’s a huge disparity in where this generation spends their time when it comes to apps
    • 2 hrs per day on TikTok
    • 9 minutes per day on Duolingo
    • Opportunity to come down the middle (medium engagement but educational)
  • “The TikTok for [X] educational content” —
    • “The TikTok for finance educational content — #fintok has 4.8B views…