App Spec

App Spec

Yodex is the funnest way for the next generation of entrepreneurs and creators to learn about finance.

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My Idea

TikTok for finance education with an AI mentor for wealthy Gen A Roblox Creators
  1. It does this by a TikTok-style interactive quiz that goes on forever… this has to be done on entry to the app—for the UI, think Gas app’s polling screen.
    1. The first question the user sees needs to be the most outrageous and attention-grabbing.
  2. Users can sign up to get access to the content feed, which could be AI-tailored to their interests/how they answered the quiz questions. Gather data from sign-up form flow.
  3. Chat tab—this is where the intelligent AI comes in… fine-tuned and trained for finance this is the intelligent Budgeting Bestie (for keeping track of bills, @Deep)/Financial Health Assistant/Investing Mentor that I need to build.
    1. This tab on the MVP will be pay-walled and early users will be called to action to sign up and pre-order for beta access.


MVP Scoping🔎Research📋Build Plan📢Demo Pitch🚀Launch Plan📜Content

Built with ❤️ and…

  • Bubble
  • OpenAI
  • Lemon Squeezy
  • beehiiv